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Welcome to Into The Mix Wikia

ITM Wiki is an encyclopedia about Into The Mix role playing games, comics, and sessions, as well as all else related to them. ITM is an RPG where players get trained by characters from across fiction to battle powerful odds.

Anybody can edit this wiki. Keep in mind to post information people can use. It's okay to have a sense of humor, ITM itself is played with a sense of fun, and so is this wiki.

What this Wiki is about (in depth)Edit

Of course anybody can run an ITM campaign, but this wiki is not about them and their campaigns. This wiki chronicles the events that take place in the ITM campaigns played by the members of the COTG Board, so it may be used as a resource, that is to say, a chronicle of information regarding our campaigns, for the players of ITM who reside on COTG, past, present, and future, to help them with the game. This wiki is also the home of many articles about the rules of ITM in general. I hope this information is useful to onlookers of our campaigns and all COTG users, past, present, and future!

Standards for EditingEdit

In the end, every article should look something like THIS. Describe things in detail, with eloquency. Humor is fine but this wiki has a tone. I don't feel like I am the one to establish this tone, but one article shouldn't sound to much unlike the other, so be concious of how humor is played in other articles and try to match its tone. I've tried my best to provide a dry humor in my writings, where jokes are written in the same tone as the information provided, so straying to far away from this tone like the article about Blue makes the article look a different quality, but others have still taken a more blunt approach to there humor, so perhaps if we could keep a generally dry sense of humor with blunt humor used sparingly for suprise, we'll have a formula here.

Additionally, different iterations of characters over past ITM campaigns we have played all go on the same page. For instance, ITM 7 Mika and ITM 8 Mika go on two different sections of the same page (see article). The exception to this rule is Arek, cause seriously, look at that shit. Look at it.

It is a Wiki standard to integrate links into the articles like this, and that. We're looking for pictures for each article, try and use images you've created yourself for ITM related articles, and use a high quality creative commons image for trainer articles. Proper grammar, capitalization, and spelling, la-te-da you should know this much already.

Lets keep up the good work and spread the love! MikaIzinsky 22:36, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

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